There are resources that I find helpful for learning #golang, from easy to hard:

  • An Introduction to Programming in Go is a great start, especially if this is your first language. I learned Go by this book and it was enough to make my first projects.

  • An intro to Go for non-Go developers provides a good motivation on learning Go with a lot of links and examples. However, it assumes that you already have a programming experience.

  • Go by Example is a great thing for “just show me the code” type of people (who you, most probably, are). Google often leads me on this resource when I search something practical like “golang read json”. So, maybe not perfect for learning but helpful as a cheat sheet for basics.

  • Learn Go with Tests will make you familiar not only with Go but with TDD as well. it’s a great way to get started with immediate result. Nothing is so motivating as immediately seeing that your first code works and does the magic.

Your best guide for more resources is gopher-reading-list. It is a collection of links on learning materials, grouped by topic and experience level.