is a challenge for writing a simple program in as few characters as possible. For example, for _ in range(10): pass will turn into for _ in [0]*10:0. Beautiful, isn’t it? I feel like it’s the best resource for preparation for interviews. Make them question your sanity! I managed to hit 59 bytes for Fizz Buzz on Python which puts me on 16th place. I think it deserves a spot in my CV.

Recently, they’ve added support for Elixir. And I should say, it’s much harder to make something awfully short on it comparing to Python. Well, partially because I’m less skilled in it, yes, but also because it’s more demanding. Empty string is falsy in Python but not in Elixir. Spaces are required in some places in Elixir for readability but in Python the parser tries to be as forgiving as possible. End there is “do-end” for blocks, of course. My best result for Fizz Buzz on Elixir is 125 bytes.

Unsurprisingly, the top 3 shortest solutions for Fizz Buzz are on K and J which are array languages. And then goes Raku which is rebranded Perl.