📚Software Engineering at Google is a free book from Google about engineering practices: how to lead, test, deprecate, document, measure, enforce, and review. I don’t really read that kind of books, too many unnecessary words, but this one has TL;DRs. I’ve read all of them, and some chunks of the text that looked interesting, new, and relevant.

Some random highlights:

there are usually a few things that everyone would like to do in the next five years: be promoted, learn something new, launch something important, and work with smart people.

What’s the best way to raise awareness about testing in a company with employees scattered around the world? After a little bit of brainstorming, someone proposed the idea of posting flyers in the restroom stalls as a joke. We quickly recognized the genius in it: the bathroom is one place that everyone must visit at least once each day, no matter what. Joke or not, the idea was cheap enough to implement that it had to be tried.

To change the quality of engineering documentation, engineers need to accept that they are both the problem and the solution.