Today I want to tell you a bit about Livebook. It’s like Jupyter Lab but for Elixir. And it is a bit of an understatement because Livebook is so much better. There are many reasons for it: Elixir is concurrent, they built the tool based on the negative and positive experiences of Jupyter, they already had a great Phoenix web framework to build it, and the team behind it are the go authors themselves. They fixed a lot of Jupyter issues, including out-of-order cell execution, custom widgets, and nice markdown rendering.

Livebook is a part of a bigger initiative of Elixir authors to bring Elixir into the world of ML, and they are doing great. There is nx for tenors, explorer for dataframe, axon for neural networks, and many other promising projects. And I think functional programming fits ML and datascience just great, much better than the messy world of OOP, mutations, and global states.