To make all my content accessible, I’ve provided source, website, and RSS for every project I have:

I had to do quite a few changes for that:

The blog is now powered by Hugo static site generator with PaperMod theme which provides RSS out of the box. Before it was powered by home-grown chameleon engine but now I’m moving everything possible to static sites because how easy it is to deploy things on netlify.

For ITGram, I exported all posts with a Python script I found online and then cleaned up with a bunch of ad-hoc scripts. It’s also served by Hugo and PaperMod, and for publishing posts back into Telegram I made a short script on top of telethon.

Finally, Python etc was always Markdown-first. It has lots of custom logic, so PaperMod won’t fit. I generate the website with Jinja2 and a bunch of custom scripts. For RSS, I considered python-feedgen and rfeed. The former is more popular but I picked the latter because the example in the readme is easier to understand.